Hello... As some of you may know I had my girl graduate this week-end. Emotions run high, profoundness deep, reflection a must!

I wanted to share this gift of words... By: Maria Shriver
It touched my very essence.

The day has come
The test are over

It's a little scary
Exciting, too
To go out in the world
And find out
Who are you!

And that's what will happen
Now that high school is done
You'll be figuring out
Your place in the sun

So here's what I'm asking
And you ask it, too:
That's the question for you

When you look in the mirror
It's an image you see
But down deep inside

Will you follow the crowd?
Or follow you gut?
Will you be a leader
Or anything but?

When you go to college
You'll want to belong
That doesn't mean doing
What you know is wrong

Be honest and ethical
When temptation calls
Don't take the shortcut
That leads to a fall

Who want to belong
To a group that seems "rad"
But does things that make you
Feel lonely and bad?

You have a mind
And you know how to think
You don't have to do something
That really does stink

Tell yourself, "I don't need it!
No matter to me!
That isn't the me
That I want to be!"

And while you figure out
Just what you want to do
You'll be figuring out
Who the "who" is in you!

Now, something you'll learn
As you go on in school
Is that you can be kind
At the same time you're cool

It's cool to be nice
I once heard Bill Gates say:
"Be nice to a nerd,
He'll be your boss someday

And you will attract all the
Best friends on earth
By being a trustworthy
Person of worth

As you go down the road
As you see what you see
You'll keep right on learning

Everyone's life
Is an uncharted course
SO go out and live it
Without regret or remorse

Take time to be quiet
Hear what you own voice is
Learn who you are
By making good choices

You can get the cool clothes
And the jewelry and car
But that doesn't measure
The person you are

Not the things you collect,
Through all of its nice
If you worship belongings
You'll pay a big price

The price that you'll pay
Is expensive, you'll see
It's becoming the person
You won't want to be

Buried under belongings,
And choking on "stuff"
Someone so unhappy
'Cause there's never enough'

And if you measure your worth
By the clothes you have on
What happens when all of you
Booty is gone?

So here is my question
And you ask it, too
It's a biggie for you

Now don't think I'm saying
Your won't make mistakes
That's just part of living
That growing up takes

Sometimes you'll feel lonely
Sometimes you'll feel lost
If you want to achieve
Sometimes that's the cost

As you go down one road
And don't like what you find
Remember it's OK
To just change your mind

And don't be so fearful
You're too scared to fail
I've had my share of failures
And lived to tell the tale

If you don't stick your neck out
You'll be safe, it's true
But you also won't find
Who is the real you

Doing only what's easy
Won't break you a sweat
But you also won't learn
Lessons you need to get

The lessons will teach you
What you need to know
To find out who you'll be
And which way you'll go

And when it comes time
To pick your career
Start at the bottom
And work up with no fear

It's the way that I did it
It's the best way to learn
Be humble and patient
A big salary you'll earn

Who you work for and with
Is important, it's true-
Can be even more crucial
Than what you actually do

So try to find someone
Who'll serve as your mentor
I had such a person
I believe that God sent her

This is the person
Who'll guide you and teach you
So keep your ears open
And let mentors reach you

And from my experience
Here's a piece of advice;
I thought workaholism
Was ideal and nice!

As you do your career
Don't do what I did
By working too much
And not being a kid

Be playful and joyous
And take time to breathe
'Cause it isn't your job
That defines who you'll be

So here's that same question
Coming right back to you
That's the question for you

But always remember
That who you will be
Will be up to you
Not you Mom, Dad - or me!

And speaking of parents
They've done so much work
To get you to here
So don't be a jerk!

Treat them with kindness
And have some compassion
Even if they don't like
Your teenage fashion!

Talk to them, email them
No whining allowed
Let them know how you're doing
Let them be proud!

Once again I am asking
And you ask it, too
The main question for you

When you answer the question
Don't think just of fame
Think of you precious legacy
Think of your name!

When you ask, “Who am I
And who will I be
And just exactly how long
Will it take to be me?

I say, “Please take your time
Don't be in a rush
Take time to consider
And ponder and such”

Will you be a person
Who’s running on greed?
Or will you be the one giving
To people in need?

Will you just collect awards
To put on your shelves?
Or will you help people
Who can’t help themselves?

‘Cause when I feel lousy
Or lost or I ‘m nervous
I feel better about me
When I am of service

Think of using your brains
And your talent and youth
To solve difficult problems
To find out the truth

To make this crazy world
A far better place
To make some improvements
For our human race

Think of raising great children
Or creating great art
Helping out in communities
Sharing your heart

And if you are so lucky
That the things that you do
Attract you some fame?
Well, “God bless” to you!

But don’t get confused
And be clear headed, too
You aren’t your fame
And your fame is not you

Fame’s just a perception
An image, a role
But isn’t the truth
And it isn’t your soul

Under the spotlight
The shine fades real fast
And the fun of the fame
Never really does last

There are folks who are famous
But their lives are a mess
Because just being famous
Doesn’t bring happy-ness

Take away all the sparkle
The glitter and such
And who is the person
You admire so much?

You yourself will discover
That you are much more
Than your job or your group
Or the babe you fought for

So it’s not on the outside
The things you can see—
It’s the stuff on the inside
That shows who you’ll be

Now a word to young women:
Please don’t lose yourself
Your don’t need anyone
To be someone yourself!

Your can be girly and strong
Have careers and go far
And when you get married
Not lose who you are

And you young men in the room?
Know this from the start
You can be manly and macho
And still have a warm heart

Now what about love
And what about sex?
I leave that for the end
For the biggest effects

My advice to you here:
Don’t go off the deep end!
Don’t rush to get married
When you do, pick a friend

‘Cause when all of the steam
Cools off, and it will,
You’ll have someone to laugh with
And you’ll love them still

So I ask it before
And here’s one more time
When you get to prime time?

In the end all that matters
Is not in the bank
Not your money or home
Or the gas in your tank

It not just about
Your husband or wife
It's what’s in your heart
How you live your own life

How much joy do you give?
How much love, how much laughter?
All the people you helped
And felt so good after

It’s the last time I’ll ask it
On this big day for you:
That’s the question for you

If you follow your heart…
And just listen to me
You’ll turn into the you…
You are destined to be!

~ Maria Shriver

My question to all of you that persevered through and read each word...
One of the most important parts of becoming powerful is understanding...



Who have you become?


Beth Anderson said...

Wow! Maria wrote an long and powerful message. I enjoyed reading this since I'm going through the same thing.

June 18, 2008 at 8:42 PM
girltimecoaching.net said...

Oh I know Girlfriend...it's Brilliant! Here to OUR Graduates!

June 18, 2008 at 9:26 PM
ssgreylord said...

not any where near there yet (thank Goad as i am a wimp and don't want to let go yet) but what beautiful sentiments

June 20, 2008 at 5:18 PM
Anonymous said...

What a beautiful message you have here. Congratulations!

December 21, 2010 at 1:31 AM
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