"In the seamless stitching together of life, work, and art, the thread of divine order is woven." – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Are you feeling lonely or lacking support?

"You cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with."
Wayne Dyer

Feeling lonely is largely created by your own perception of not being connected to the people around you. The great thing about this perception is that it can be changed.

People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.
Do you ever feel empty and alone, sometimes even when you're surrounded by people? Do you feel misunderstood by those around you and yearn for someone who can reach out to you and touch your heart? If so, then you're not unusual: many thousands of women feel exactly the same way.

People feel lonely for a number of reasons, such as not having enough friends, not knowing how to be close to the people you know, or simply because being lonely is part of the human condition. Here's how to cope with loneliness when it comes your way.

1.Realize that we all get lonely. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or that you have to stay lonely. We're particularly prone to loneliness when we're making transitions, especially for the better. If you're changing, such as exploring new alternatives and paths for yourself, you're bound to get a little lonely as you look for people who share your new interests and thoughts.

2.Call or get together with the people you know, even if they aren't who you want to be with right now. Human contact makes more contact easier. This includes your mother and the guy at the deli counter. Talk until the feeling eases. Make as many calls as necessary.

3.Get involved in anything where you will meet people. If you are very shy, find a group for social anxiety, even if it has to be online (obviously it's better if it's not). Look on places like Craig's List for activities in your area. Volunteering can help.

4.Challenge yourself to take the initiative in social relationships whenever you can. YOU ask the person if they want to chat, get a coffee, whatever. Remember how much you like it when people are attracted to you.

5.Take risks about revealing yourself. Say what's on your mind, if it seems at all likely the other person will be receptive. It can hurt when it backfires, but it's worth it a million times over when it works out.

6.Remember that we are all alone inside our heads; we are born and die alone; it's nothing special. Every person who has ever lived has been lonely. Love wouldn't exist without loneliness to inspire it. Look at your loneliness with detachment.

7.Notice the difference between loneliness and solitude. Imagine this is the last day you will ever be alone. What would you do?

8.Join an online community, sometimes, it can help.

9.When feeling lonely, don't allow yourself to bask in your loneliness. Do something, anything! Take a walk, ride your bike.

10.Be happy. Live a life of optimism. Happiness comes from within regardless of your situation, so don’t use any excuses, such as being alone.

11.Do everything you would normally do with a partner or friend. Many times it isn't the partner or friend you are missing, but the activities and hobbies you shared. Take yourself out for a date. For example, if you would have gone out to dinner or to a movie on a date, then take yourself out to a movie or to a nice restaurant. Don't hold yourself back.


Following your instincts about people can be important here. Just because someone is around/near you, doesn't mean they are good (vs. bad) company. Sometimes being alone is better than being in bad company.
•Set up social activities when you're not feeling lonely. Anticipate.
•Learn to meditate so that you have the experience of being loved and nurtured emotionally by other sources than human beings.
•Consider getting a pet! Animals can make marvelous companions; they give unconditional love, and can offer you loyal company. Walking a dog can also be a great way of meeting other people!
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"You cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with."
Wayne Dyer


"You create your thoughts, and your thoughts create your life. Do you like what you have created? Contemplate yourself each day and you will unravel the mystery of not only what you are but who you are."
-- Ron Rathbun


Start to love yourself.

Avoiding life… because of low self esteem?

Self esteem is crucial and is a cornerstone of a positive attitude towards living
It is very important because it affects how you think, act and even how you relate to other people. It affects your potential to be successful. Low self esteem means poor confidence and that also causes negative thoughts which mean that you are likely to give up easily rather than face challenges. In addition, it has a direct bearing on your happiness and wellbeing.

What is Self Esteem?
Self esteem is your opinion of yourself. High self esteem is a good opinion of yourself and low self esteem is a bad opinion of yourself.

I think self esteem is central to everything you do. It affects your behavior and thoughts. It changes how you feel about and value yourself.

Can you imagine anything else so important?

Why should self esteem matter to you?

• Self esteem can be the difference between success and failure

• Self esteem can affect your thinking, causing your outlook to be positive or negative

• Self esteem affects your confidence

• It affects your self image

• If you do not value yourself how will you be able to value others?

• Self esteem enables you to have the right attitude to succeed at work

• It affects your happiness

Let's take a moment or two to look a bit more closely at what I’ve said above and then I hope that you will appreciate just how important self esteem is to you.

Your potential to achieve what you most desire is directly related to your self esteem. On the other hand, failure is much more likely when you suffer from low self esteem because you will believe others when they tell you why you cannot succeed. Work on building your self esteem and success can be that much easier because you will be helping yourself.

I'm sure you realize the importance of positive thinking. Increase your esteem and you will become more positive. This will benefit you in every area of your life.

Start to love yourself. Celebrate the Person You Are

What do you want for you?

You have your own dreams and goals;
Just remember what a wise man once said and you will not be lead astray…
”your heart is free…have the courage to follow it”.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

~W. Clement Stone quotes


Decisions, Decisions….

Every day, each of us makes many choices that will impact our lives.

Some will lead us straight to success, while others will bring us face-to-face with failure. It is imperative for each of us to know, no matter how large or small, easy or difficult, each choice that we make alters the direction of our lives.

I once heard motivational speaker Tony Robbins say, “Quality questions create a quality life.”

Ask yourself:
1. Would this choice make you feel good about yourself, or would it make you feel unempowered, ashamed, or embarrassed?
2. What commitments are these choices in direct alignment with?
3. Will this choice drive me towards an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?
4. Does this choice empower me?

In order to stay awake and be able to create a future that reflects our goals, we need to question the present.

We need to question every choice we make and look at the positive or negative consequences of our actions.

To make conscious choices we must be willing to give up the quick fix, the feel-good moments, and surrender our attachments and doing things our way. We must stay present to our dreams and desires and bring awareness to our choices.

The right questions enable us to look at the facts. Does this choice add to my power? Will this bring me closer to my desired future?

Let’s be truthful, we are the ones who are sabotaging our future. We are the ones making choices. Instead, of being a victim of our circumstances, we can take ownership of them.

A moment of perfection come when we give ourselves the gift of empowering choice – a choice that is conscious, a choice that consistent with our desires.

"When you face your fear, most of the time you will discover that it was not really such a big threat after all. We all need some form of deeply rooted, powerful motivation - it empowers us to overcome obstacles so we can live our dreams."
Les Brown
Speaker and Author


"Consciously or unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or other. If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger, and will make, not only our own happiness, but that of the world at large."
Mahatma Gandhi
1869-1948, Indian Political and Spiritual Leader


“Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemies" ~ Nelson Mandela

Forgive Yourself:

The past has NO power and the future has NO presence

Release your past

We hold ourselves hostage to so many old thoughts and old regrets, so many should-haves, could-haves, and if only's. Sometimes it’s at a steady low volume in our heads, like background music; other times we turn the volume up so loud that we can’t hear anything great coming out of ourselves.

People want the Law of Attraction work in spite of all that negative chatter going on in their heads. But the Law of Attraction is not magic. We all have to go through the process and do the work. There is no shortcut. There is no magic wand to remove our negatives experiences.

Those experiences are a part of you. It’s your job to learn how to love yourself and expect the best for yourself, regardless of what’s happened. The Law of Attraction is about shifting from all those places of negativity to possibility.

What if attaining happiness and fulfillment was as simple as going to bed at night after making a list of all the things you did that day fed your self esteem and waking up the next morning asking yourself, “How am I going to love and honor myself today?”

When we truly are in the divine presence of our own humanity, we naturally make choices that reflect love of our deepest selves and give ourselves the gifts we so fully deserve.

If you want to stop suffering, shift your perspective and ask yourself this important question: “How can I use what I am experiencing right now to grow and evolve?”


"When we truly are in the divine presence of our own humanity, we naturally make choices that reflect love of our deepest selves and and give ourselves the gifts we so fully deserve."
-Debbie Ford

Setting Intention- Power of Intention

1. Get clear about something you want and write it down.

2. Share your intention with someone in a way that will supportively hold you accountable to taking action.

3. Do something today to demonstrate your commitment to your intention.

4. Acknowledge that you did what you said you would and then, take the next step.

I invite you to practice this daily affirmation:

“I am available to more good than I ever experienced, realized or imagined before in my life.”

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
~ Wayne Dyer quote


The House of 1000 Mirrors

Long ago in a small, far away village, there was a place known as the House of 1000 Mirrors. A small, happy little dog learned of this place and decided to visit. When he arrived, he bounced happily up the stairs to the doorway of the house. He looked through the doorway with his ears lifted high and his tail wagging as fast as it could. To his great surprise, he found himself staring at 1000 other happy little dogs with their tails wagging just as fast as his. He smiled a great smile, and was answered with 1000 great smiles just as warm and friendly. As he left the house, he thought to himself, "This is a wonderful place. I will come back and visit it often."

In this same village, another little dog, who was not quite as happy as the first one, decided to visit the house. He slowly climbed the stairs and hung his head low as he looked into the door. When he saw the 1000 unfriendly looking dogs staring back at him, he growled at them and was horrified to see 1000 little dogs growling back at him. As he left, he thought to himself, "That is a horrible place, and I will never go back there again."

All the faces in the world are mirrors. What kind of reflections do you see in the faces of the people you meet?

Japanese Folktale


Numerous times every day I invite you to say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” for everything grateful in your life and affirm that you are ready now for the next experience; the next piece of your live to reveal itself.

"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others." Albert Schweitzer

When Is The Last Time You Made A Wish?

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

As dreamers do

Fate is kind

She brings to those who love

The sweet fulfillment of

Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue

Fate steps in and sees you through

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true

~Disney lyrics

"Often we allow ourselves to be upset by small things we should despise and forget. We lose many irreplaceable hours brooding over grievances that, in a year's time, will be forgotten by us and by everybody. No, let us devote our life to worthwhile actions and feelings, to great thoughts, real affections and enduring undertakings."
Andre Maurois
1885-1967, Writer

~Strong Woman vs. Woman of Strength~

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape...but a woman of strength kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape...

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything...but a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of her fear...

A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her...but a woman of strength gives the best of her to everyone...

A strong woman walks sure footedly...but a woman of strength knows God will catch her when she falls...

A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face...but a woman of strength wears grace...

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey... but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong...

~Author Unknown~

Stand in your own power!