Decisions, Decisions….

Every day, each of us makes many choices that will impact our lives.

Some will lead us straight to success, while others will bring us face-to-face with failure. It is imperative for each of us to know, no matter how large or small, easy or difficult, each choice that we make alters the direction of our lives.

I once heard motivational speaker Tony Robbins say, “Quality questions create a quality life.”

Ask yourself:
1. Would this choice make you feel good about yourself, or would it make you feel unempowered, ashamed, or embarrassed?
2. What commitments are these choices in direct alignment with?
3. Will this choice drive me towards an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?
4. Does this choice empower me?

In order to stay awake and be able to create a future that reflects our goals, we need to question the present.

We need to question every choice we make and look at the positive or negative consequences of our actions.

To make conscious choices we must be willing to give up the quick fix, the feel-good moments, and surrender our attachments and doing things our way. We must stay present to our dreams and desires and bring awareness to our choices.

The right questions enable us to look at the facts. Does this choice add to my power? Will this bring me closer to my desired future?

Let’s be truthful, we are the ones who are sabotaging our future. We are the ones making choices. Instead, of being a victim of our circumstances, we can take ownership of them.

A moment of perfection come when we give ourselves the gift of empowering choice – a choice that is conscious, a choice that consistent with our desires.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder...great advice!

August 25, 2008 at 5:45 PM
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