It takes the balance of time and perseverance to find the work and life of your dreams.

Here are some characteristics to cultivate that will support you:

VISION ~ great clarity about what you want. Describe your vision in detail and visualize yourself in your new condition. The more you do this, the more possible , even probable, it seems that you will get there.

STRONG INTENTION~ determination to get what you want. Pursue your goals when you are thinking, writing, talking, exploring, reading and being, as well as in your actions. Be resolute that you will achieve your objectives. Be committed.

~ a belief so strong that it stands up against challenges. Other people, sometimes believing they are being helpful try to persuade us to be realistic, meaning that we shouldn't aim too high. Successful people keep their goals high and their expectations inline. People may tell us we are being a dreamer. Successful people are practical dreamers. They have dreams, and they figure out how to make them come true

ACTION APPROACH~ know what you need to do and do it. If a person wants to drive a car, he gets behind the wheel. To dance, he moves his feet to the rhythm. To find a new job, career or better skills, he researches his options, decides on a plan and implements it. Everything requires movement. Move towards your goals, one step at a time.

~ stay on course. Don't stop on the way or get sidetracked by fear or the myriad other things that hold one back. Even the best get waylaid now and then, but those who are sure of the path they are on don't let themselves procrastinate for long. Pick one thing you can do, today.

FAITH~ truly believe you can do it. Know it is just a matter of time. If things don't work as fast as you would like, if something goes wrong , if you get unavoidably sidetracked, trust with a deep knowing that you can and will achieve your goals. Don't let the truth of your current reality stop you.

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence" –Aristotle


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