Variety is usually thought to be the spice of life, however that is not always the case. Too much variety can lead to too much, where we don’t exercise temperance.

Too much variety can stop us from committing. We will never be happy with what we have because we will always seek more. So how can we be happy with what we have and maintain a comfortable equilibrium between what we desire and what we pursue?

Getting familiar with the following tips can help to create an acceptable balance in our spiritual livelihood.

Drive - We can’t drive if we have no drive. When we take the road to anything worth pursuing and we approach a curve, we must hold on to the steering wheel and negotiate that turn. Do we accelerate through it or stop?

If we stop, we won’t see what’s around the bend. If we go into a skid, we are going too fast. We must slow down, take our foot off of the accelerator and brakes and turn the steering wheel in the direction that we want the front of the car to go. Specifically, this means aligning our tires with the direction of our intended travel. As the vehicle turns back in the right direction, we must counter steer in time to stop the turning and stay on our desired path.

Harmony - to achieve overall harmony, we must achieve harmonious moments. Major musical scales are made up of a series of tones or pitches placed in relationship to each other.

The perception of harmony is also very dependent on the timbre of a sound. If we confine ourselves to thinking about the relative consonance and dissonance between certain sounds, we can reveal a relationship between a sound's timbre and the pitches of that sound that produce harmony when heard simultaneously.

When dealing with people, we must be aware of our tone (our sound) - our ability to harmonize with them. Dissonance is caused when frequencies in one sound are only slightly different from the frequencies of another. When songs are sung in harmony, there is a rich smoothness to the sound of music. Let that harmony play in your heart.

- handle everything with care - people we come in contact with on the phone, or in person. It’s nice to have a little love in our heart. Love can travel to the furthest destinations. If the post office can use a sticker that reads, “Handle With Care,” for its delicate packages, then it’s good enough for human beings - also delicate packages.

- negotiating is not only for shopping, it’s for creating our employment, relationships, enjoyment and anything that we want in life. The law of attraction is the law of negotiation along with knowing how to compromise. Often times we get more than we expect when we surrender.

Opinions - too many cooks spoil the soup. If we ask too many people for their opinion, we are not taking responsibility for deciding what is best for us. We have to assess our needs and act accordingly. It’s fine to listen to some opinions to get feedback on our own, but the ultimate decision is up to us.

Humility - there is nothing more beautiful than an inactive ego. It doesn’t offend, hurt or clash with the world of matter and emotion. It serves a higher purpose of being.

- be grateful for everything. It’s really as simple as that. Start and end each day with a thank you. Kiss your spouse. Hug your kids. Open your heart. Gratitude makes the heart grow fonder.


Anonymous said...

This is a great list. Humility (lack of ego) is something that I constantly have to work on these days. My ego runs wild if I do not remain aware.

October 8, 2008 at 5:19 PM
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