When our actions authentically reflect our vision for our lives, we radiate joy and our passion effortlessly carries us through our days.

To stand in our own power we must be bold and confident and have the courage to stand up for ourselves. Standing in our own power demands that we be vulnerable, listen to our inner voice, and take risks outside our comfort of what we know.

Acting within your limitations, those “comfort zones”, is not risking and will produce predictably mediocre result.
The “stopper” is fear and if you want to be in charge of your own life and what you create, then fear must be faced and you must act through it. It takes courage and commitment, nothing more and nothing less
If you don’t feel fear and don’t need courage, it’s probably not a risk. You’re probably still in your comfort zone.

Written by the Greek author Plutarch:“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”

One of the questions I love to ask women is: “What are you excited about in this moment?”

Remember, you are a Divine expression –You have the power to create your life – a life of passion, purpose and peace, yielding you amazing prosperity in all areas of your life.


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