The Change Starts With You

Regardless of our present of past circumstances, the important thing is ... everything that is happening or has happened is for a reason. In reality, there are no victims. We each have a different sad story to tell. But the common thread that run thru them all, is that we have at some point lost our power, or it has been taken away from us, or we have just plain given it away.

What can YOU do today to start empowering yourself?
Now, regardless of your present or past circumstances. At any time you choose, you can take a bold step and awaken the Empowered person that already exists within you.


*Every time we rely on someone or something outside of us to provide us with love, success or happiness, we hand our power over. As soon as they don’t provide it we are defeated.

Ironically, when we decide to be love, success and happiness, we easily attract the people, events and objects that enhance this state.

As you continue to decide what matters most, be honest with yourself.
Stop ignoring the urge to get on with the work you know you should do or to finally redefine relationship: That whisper you keep hearing is the universe trying to get your attention. Make it your intention to pursue only what is honorable, what is good, and what is true and the results will be a life grander than you could every have imagined. When you're true to who you are and what your spirit is telling you to do, that truth will indeed set you free.

You have always been deciding the truth of your life. It is how you decide to feel about it.

There is no need to try to work out what something means.
You decide what it means.


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