John Assaraf Inspirational Quotes

“The most wonderful gift one human being can give to another is, in some way, to make that person’s life a little bit better to live.”

"Here's the problem. Most people are thinking about what they don't want, and they're wondering why it shows up over and over again."

"Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that's the law of attraction. You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most."

"We're all connected. We just don't see it. There isn't an "out there" and an "in here." Everything in the Universe is connected. It is just one energy field."

"Everything is made up of the exact same thing, whether it's your hand, the ocean, or a star."

"And so just when we think that resources are dwindling, we find new resources that can achieve the same things."

"The simplest way for me to look at the law of attraction is if I think of myself as a magnet, and I know a magnet will attract to it."

"We can have whatever it is that we choose. I don't care how big it is."

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