“Something inside you emerges….an innate, indwelling peace, stillness, aliveness. It is the unconditioned, who you are in your essence. It is what you had been looking for in the love object. It is yourself.”
- Eckhart Tolle
 “Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home.”
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
 “Dedicate yourself to Love. Decide to let Love be your intention, your purpose, and your point. And then let Love inspire you, support you and guide you in every other dedication you make thereafter.”
– Robert Holden
“No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning.”
- Barbara de Angelis
 “I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man.”
- Dwight L Moody
 “What you think about yourself is much more important than what others think of you.”
- Marcus Annaeus Seneca
“Self-love seems so often unrequited.”
- Anthony Powell
“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”
- Veronica A. Shoffstall
 “Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.”
- Michel de Montaigne
“The things we hate about ourselves aren’t more real than things we like about ourselves.”
- Ellen Goodman
“Love is based on our capacity to trust in a reality beyond fear, to trust a timeless truth bigger than all our difficulties.”
– Jack Kornfield
“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.
- Louise L. Hay.
 “Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt



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