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"Truly Defining "Roots"

"Since the begining of time sharing has been the "root" of sisterhood, and Christine Spencer brings that in the forefront with "Your Roots Are Showing". Sisterhood is what brings together this sharing of personal struggle, pain, and revelations present in the lives of different women with entirely different experiences and stories, that when shared, prove it is the common bond of awareness to the pain of other's that brings us back to the "root" of what we are all here to learn from ourselves and each other. Let "Your Roots Are Showing" be the strength of sisterhood you need to set yourself free from your own entanglement of "roots" that don't need to define you in order to have meaning in your life."

“Your Roots are Showing” It's about loving yourself and empowers you to overcome challenges in spite of adversity. Inspirational and supporting
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